Surgeon Ophthalmologist

Zotta Paraskevi

Surgeon Ophthalmologist

Mrs. Zotta Paraskevi is an eye surgeon with experience in the field of Ophthalmology since 2001 as a trainee, and since 2008 as a specialist.

She studied at the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management. She began her specialization in Crete, and completed it at the First University Eye Clinic of AHEPA in 2008. Since 2008, she has been working as a resident partner at the Ophthalmological Institute ‘Diathlasis’. She is a research associate at the First University Clinic of AHEPA, where she is completing her doctoral dissertation on the Keratoconus disease. She is a member of the Ophthalmological Society of Northern Greece, the Greek Company IOL and Refractive Surgery, and the European Society of IOL and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS).

She actively participates in ophthalmology conferences, and she has taken part in all of the Panhellenic Ophthalmological Congresses since 2001, and all IOL and Refractive Surgery Congresses since 2003. She has actively participated in several International Ophthalmological Conferences: 8th EGS Congress, Berlin, June 1-6, 2008, 26th Congress of the ESCRS, Berlin, September 13-17, 2008, 13th ESCRS Winter Meeting, Rome, February 6-8 , 2009, 27th Congress of the ESCRS, Barcelona September 12-16, 2009, 14th ESCRS Winter Meeting, Budapest, February 12-14, 2010, 11th Annual Refractive User’s Meeting 2010, Dublin, June 24-27, 2010, 9th EGS Congress, Madrid, September 12-17, 2010, 6th International Congress of Corneal Cross Linking, Milan, January 21-22, 2011, 29th Congress of the ESCRS, Vienna, September 17-21, 2011, EuroKeratoConus II, Bordeaux, September 23-24, 2011, 30th Congress of the ESCRS, Milan, September 8-12, 2012, 8th International Congress of Corneal Cross Linking, Geneva, December 7-8, 2012, 31st Congress of the ESCRS, Amsterdam, October 5-9, 2013 . She takes part in meetings of the ophthalmological Society of Northern Greece and other ophthalmological companies. She has participated as a speaker at many conferences, and has presented more than 30 oral presentations, 50 poster presentations, and 20 video presentations.

She specializes in Refractive Surgery, in treating Cataract surgery, and in eyelid surgery. She also specializes in keratoconus disease, and is the head of Keratoconus Contact Lenses Application at the Ophthalmological Institute ‘Diathlasis’.