Glaucoma is an eye disease, which can be treated mainly with medication. If, despite medication or the use of the Laser Laser (SLT Laser), the intraocular pressure is not adequately regulated and there is still a risk of worsening of the optic nerve, it should be treated surgically.

Traditional glaucoma surgery is called “trabeculectomy”. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and aims to create a new permanent passage to remove the aqueous humor. A successful trabeculectomy is characterized by the creation of a bubble (filter ampoule) in the upper part of the eye in which the fluid is temporarily retained before it is absorbed by the surrounding vessels.

In addition to trabeculectomy, there is the possibility of implanting artificial valve mechanisms from various materials (valve Ahmed, Express, etc.) in order to control the outflow of aqueous humor.

The type of glaucoma, the condition of the eye tissues as well as previous surgeries performed on the eye, will be the criteria based on which the surgeon will decide which surgical method to use to regulate the intraocular pressure.