Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser

The Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser is the only excimer laser with an operating frequency of 500Hz, with an average treatment of 1.4 sec per diopter.

Featuring a powerful and multi-dimensional 1050 Hz Eye Tracker, the Wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser offers safety and exceptional precision, with the ability to control all dimensions of eye movements:

1. with an amazing reaction speed of 2 milliseconds

2. pupil detection 1.5 mm to 8.0 mm in diameter

3. Ability to remove corneal tissue with exceptional precision.

Using the patented PerfectPulse Technology, the EX500 Excimer Laser maintains a high pulse rate with minimized thermal load, thus reducing bright reflections at night.

It has built-in non-contact, on line calorimetry that controls the thickness of the cornea in real time during the operation, for more safety.

Provides the ability to adjust the center of the pupil depending on different lighting conditions. In combination with Topolyser Vario technology it can calculate eye rotation and adjust the sculpting accordingly.

The built-in flexibility of the EX500 Excimer Laser allows the surgeon to extend the possibilities of refractive surgery by applying individualized treatments according to the needs of each eye separately (wavefront-optimized & wavefront-guided treatments). These treatments are used in conjunction with corresponding diagnostic machines (Topolyser Vario) that have introduced refractive surgery into the fascinating world of Wavefront-guided / optimized & Topography guided customized ablation.