What is;

Myopia is the refractive error of the eye, in which light rays are not concentrated in the retina, as is normal, but somewhere in front of it. Its main symptom is the blurred perception of distant objects. The nearsighted person to see distant objects clearly often exploits the mechanism of the stenotic disc by half-closing the eyes and narrowing the eyelid slit. The myopic eye sees nearby objects clearly with little or no adjustment (depending on the degree of myopia). Myopia usually appears in the first years of life and is perceived in the first school years, where the child’s needs extend to distant vision. This myopia usually follows a benign course and after a progressive increase stabilizes with adulthood.


The diagnosis of myopia is made by an ophthalmological examination, which is performed by an ophthalmologist.


Myopia can be corrected by:

  • Eyeglasses with corrective lenses (negative lenses)
  • Contact lenses
  • Refractive surgery with LASER

myopia - eyediathlasis