Macular degeneration and diabetes

Diagnostic and therapeutic protocols based on the latest scientific developments are applied in the specialized department of macular degeneration and diabetes.

Electrophysiology – Neurophthalmology

In the laboratory of electrophysiology of vision, a specialized ophthalmologist performs a series of special tests which record the objective visual function, thus contributing to the diagnosis and monitoring of specific eye diseases such as inherited diseases of the retina, neurological diseases and neurological diseases.

Diagnostic Tests & Screening

The Diathlasis ophthalmology unit applies all diagnostic tests and examinations related to eyelid diseases, corneal diseases, glaucoma, retinal diseases as well as to the departments of pediatric ophthalmology and neurophthalmology.

Vitreous – Retinal Surgery

The Diathlasis ophthalmology unit offers the possibility of surgical treatment with the most modern techniques of posterior hemispheres such as retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, retinal membrane x-rays, ocular or occipital lesions such as obstructive retinal detachment and obstructive complications.


In the specialized corneal department, all the necessary examinations are performed for the diagnosis and monitoring of corneal diseases.


All ophthalmological emergencies are treated by specialized doctors, such as wounds, burns, foreign bodies, eye infections and inflammations, acute glaucoma, retinal detachments.


The glaucoma department performs all the necessary tests for the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma.


The Diathlasis ophthalmological unit has the most modern surgical equipment for all forms of cataract with the method of phacoemulsification and the insertion of advanced types of intraocular lenses.

Refractive Surgeries – Laser

At the Diathlasis ophthalmology unit, all laser refractive techniques are applied to treat myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism & presbyopia.

General Ophthalmology

The department of general ophthalmology covers all the basic needs such as measurement of visual acuity, measurement of intraocular pressure, examination of the anterior and posterior hemispheres of the eye as well as prescription of medicines and corrective glasses for all diseases.