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Who is eligible for a refractive surgery?
What are the applied techniques?
What is the preoperative check?
Is the result permanent?
The result of a refractive surgery is permanent, as long as nothing changes in the eye’s refractive media (e.g. lens, vitreous, macula).
Are there any complications?
Complications may occur as in all operations. In the case of refractive surgery, applied for more than 20 years, it has been shown that the new advanced lasers, intraoperative complications are close to zero, and they are considered to be the safest. Today, the risk of contamination from contact lenses is larger than the potential complications of a refractive surgery.
How long does a refractive surgery last?
Total duration of a refractive surgery does not exceed 15 minutes, for both eyes.
When will I be able to return to work?
What will I be required to do post surgery?
Is the procedure painless?
Refractive surgeries using the LASIK and SMILE methods are completely painless. The PRK method causes a significant amount of discomfort to the patient for 2 days (e.g. burn, pain, photophobia, lacrimation), all of which are diminished over time.
How do I choose an Eye Refractive Surgery Centre?
Even though laser systems are fully controlled through the use of computers, thus eliminating any possibility of a human error, a high level of experience and training of the operators is essential. An Eye Refractive Surgery Centre must have a complete set of modern diagnostic equipment, latest lasers, and its premises must be specially designed, in order to comply with all safe operation requirements. Its staff will need to be highly experienced, and receive continuous training to be up-to-date with all the latest developments in the refractive surgery field.

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What is cataract disease?
When does cataract occur?
What are the causes of cataract?
How is it treated?
Cataract may be treated only through surgery.
Can cataract be treated by laser?
Is the procedure painless?
Cataract procedure is painless.

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What is keratoconus disease?
What are the symptoms?
How is it treated?

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What is glaucoma disease?
How is it treated?

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How is retinal detachment treated?
How is vitreous detachment treated?
How is age-related macular degeneration treated?
How is epiretinal membrane treated?
How is macular hole treated?

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